Do you know what is the strongest part of the body?

Your hair is made up of fibers that can withstand almost anything, including the weather.

Have you ever seen a mummy?  At least I really don't, but on TV yes, if you see her, notice that they usually have hair even though many years have passed since their death.

This is because the hair is the most resistant part of the body. That's why even if we "mistreat" it, it will always be with you, damaged but it will be, that's why if you want to show off a healthy head of hair, you have to know thoroughly what your hair is like. A strand of hair is mainly composed of 3 layers, starting from the outside towards the inside:

  • Cuticle: it is composed of overlapping layers of scales. In a newly formed human hair, up to 10 scales can overlap in one section.

Cuticular scales protect the cortex and act as a barrier. When these scales are intact their surface reflects light, so the hair looks shiny and healthy. That's why it's important to use conditioner because the pH of the shampoo makes these scales open to clean and the conditioner closes them again, if we don't use conditioner we'd have rough hair.

  • Bark: it's the star element of your hair... without it you wouldn't have hair because it's responsible for strength, shape, elasticity, and color.

It is composed of elongated cells, which contain the well-known keratin. This protein is highly viscous and elastic and promotes the hardening of cells. Keratin is made up of a series of amino acids, the functions of which are, among others, to provide elasticity to the hair. We only synthesize 10 amino acids so diet is very important to get the other 10 amino acids needed.

  • Medulla: it does not have a function in itself, so it is not present in all human hair. When it appears it is usually in thicker and/or gray hair.
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